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Here you can download all of the publicly released AMXMODX plugins made by Synthetic for the Half-Life mod Day of Defeat. Complete source code is included in each archive as well as a copy of the compiled plugin. The comments section in the source code files includes instructions and related documentation. The source code can be opened in any text editor for viewing. All compiled plugins were built on and tested for AMXMODX version 1.8.1, some may not work with previous versions.

Rivurs nor Synthetic are in any way affiliated or endorsed by Valve Software or the AMX Mod X Dev Team or PsychoStats or the ShrikeBot Team. Half-Life, Day of Defeat, Half-Life Dedicated Server and Steam are copyright, trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve Software. AMXMODX is copyright the AMX Mod X Dev Team. PsychoStats is copyright Stormtrooper. ShrikeBot is copyright the ShrikeBot Team.

All plugins and additional programs found on this page are licensed under the GNU General Public License.

DoD Instant Spawn v1.002

This plugin completely removes the spawn delay when you die. It allows for a more intense game and works on player death or when they type kill in console. Team switching instant spawns too.

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Syn's Player Namer v1.002

This plugin takes care of those players on your server with the default name Player or (1)Player and so on. A HUD notice is given along with instructions on how to change their name. They will be forced to change their name within a specified amount of time and if they don't, they will automatically be renamed to a random name from a list or to their Steam ID.

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Syn's Weapon Mod v3.003

This weapons mod allows clients to get any chosen primary gun they want with a pile of additional options and features. It effectively does the same thing as Toolz weaponmod but through completely different methods and fixes the /say command issue as well the inherent issue where client's don't get a weapon due to lag/packet loss when using the give_item() function.

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No Scope Kill Notifier /w Logging v2.001

This plugin will display no scope kills and keeps track of them. It works with the scoped Kar, Springfield, and Enfield. Logging allows for use with PsychoStats.

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Menu Based ShrikeBot Controller v1.4

This plugin was designed to control the ShrikeBot mod for DoD via menus.

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DoD No Reload v1.001

This plugin keeps all weapons full of bullets negating the need to reload.

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DoD Nade Exploit Fix v1.002

This plugin is a spawn off of my dod_avalanche and dod_purple nade exploit fix plugins. This is designed to be used with any map. All you need is a defintion file for a particular map. You can also create your own or modify existing ones with the built in editor. As the nane implies, it prevents players from abusing glitch spots with grenades causing an abnormal damage radius.

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DoD Rocket Exploit Fix v1.003

This plugin prevents Bazooka/Panzer/Piat ceiling/floor exploits. It works for all maps.

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Additional Related Downloads

I've also included some extras below for those running game servers that might come in handy. They were built to address a couple very common issues server admins faced when setting up a gameserver and/or community website.

Syn's FPS Booster v1.000

This program sets the high precision multimedia timer in Windows to it's highest resolution thus allowing higher then default tic rates in HLDS. It uses barely any resources and is a better alternative to other solutions found on the internet. Anyway, it's nothing fancy and just loads into the systray. Right click the systray icon to exit. Source code and compiled binary are both included in the archive.

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Remote FTP Log Retriever v1.000

This Perl script was designed in mind for 3rd party gaming stats programs on web hosts/servers that don't allow use of the FTP extensions for PHP to retrieve log files on a remote game server. All it does is copies all the files found in the specified directory on a remote FTP server to a local folder on the web server running this script. For example from your game server log folder to a folder on your web server that your stats package can then easily access to generate stats from. It also offers the ability to delete the remote files after transfer. Of course, if the FTP Pearl module is disabled, well, your probably out of luck and should consider a new web hosting company. XD

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